La maison du fruit confit

(Candied fruit store)

The factory shop offers a wide range of Provençal candied fruits and confectionery

538 Quartier Salignan D900, 84400 Apt
04 90 76 31 66
Site : 

Musée de la Géologie

(Geology Museum)

The abundant and turbulent history of the Luberon over more than 130 million years

Maison du Parc
60 place Jean-Jaurès, 84400 Apt
04 90 04 42 00
Site : https://www.parcduluberon.fr

Musée d’Histoire et d’Archéologie

(Museum of History and Archaeology)

This museum showcases the history of the town of Apt and its surrounding countryside from C1 AD to the present day.

27 rue de l’amphithéâtre, 84400 Apt
04 90 74 95 30
Site : https://www.luberon-apt.fr


Musée d’Apt

The Museum of Apt exhibits a comprehensive history of economic activity in the Apt area.

14 Place du Postel, 84400 Apt
04 90 74 95 30
Site : http://www.apt.fr


Fondation Blachère

The Blachère Foundation contributes to the development of Africa by supporting contemporary creation and helping to promote African artists.  In its arts centre it organizes exhibitions and hosts resident artists.

384 avenue des Argiles
ZI les Bourguignons
84400 Apt
04 32 52 06 15

Site : http://www.fondationblachere.org/


Musée de la Boulangerie (Museum of Bakery)

This museum seeks to keep alive the memory of an 8000-yr old history of intercultural mixing: that of bread-making. 

12 rue de la République, 84480  BONNIEUX
04 90 75 88 34

Cabrières d'Avignon

Le Musée de la Lavande Luberon (The Luberon Lavender Museum)

The museum is devoted to the fine lavender of Provence down through history and to the skills and know how of its cultivators. 

276 Route de Gordes, 84220 Cabrières-d’Avignon
Site : https://www.museedelalavande.com/

Fontaine de Vaucluse

Le Musée d’Histoire Jean Garcin (History Museum)

The Jean Garcin History Museum covers the 1939-1945 occupation period in France spotlighting the daily lives of the French and the Resistance movement in the Vaucluse and  offers thought-provoking material about intelligence during wartime, as well as the activities of many poets, writers and artists. 

271, chemin de la Fontaine, 84800 FONTAINE-DE-VAUCLUSE
04 90 20 24 00

Site : https://www.vaucluse.fr


Mathieu Museum

An outstanding collection of over 200 examples of lighting, exhibited in a former ochre factory in Gargas.

Hameau des Sauvans, 84400 Gargas
04 90 74 92 40

Site : https://www.mathieulustrerie.com/

Isle sur la Sorgue

Fondation Villa Datris pour la sculpture contemporaine

(Villa Datris Foundation for Contemporary Sculpture)

An arts centre that seeks to promote contemporary sculpture through an annual themed exhibition. 

7, avenue des Quatre Otages, 84800 L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
04 90 95 23 70
Site : https://fondationvilladatris.fr/

Campredon centre d’art (Arts Centre)

Since 1982, the Hôtel de Donadéï in Campredon has hosted numerous modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

20, rue du Docteur Tallet
84800 L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
Tel : 04 90 38 17 41
Site : https://www.campredoncentredart.com/

La Filaventure de Brun de Vian Tiran

Sensorial museum of elegant fabrics

Avenue de la Libération
84800 l’Isle sur la Sorgue
04 28 70 28 00
Site : https://www.lafilaventure.fr/


Musée de l’huile d’olive (Olive Oil Museum)

From harvesting to production, and from the ancient presses to modern-day techniques the Museum proposes a real journey around the leading product of Mediterranean cuisine.  The visit is scripted with original story telling and multimedia presentations. 

375, route de la Sénancole, 84580 Oppède
04 90 76 87 76
Site : https://www.royere.com

Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade

Château La Coste

Discover the art and architecture visit of Château La Coste in Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade in the heart of Provence.

2750 Route de la Cride
TÉL. : +33 4 42 61 89 98
Site : https://chateau-la-coste.com/fr/art-architecture/promenade-art-architecture.html



Musée du moulin à huile (Museum of the Oil press)

Situated in the heart of the village, this C18th mill was operating until the early 1930s. It showcases all the elements of an animal-drawn mill.

Rue du Moulin à Huile, 84400 RUSTREL
04 90 04 91 09
Site : https://www.luberon-apt.fr

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